Construction Meeting Updates – February 29

Happy Leap Day! This exciting day happens only once every four years, of course. But there’s no time to pause and celebrate. Construction is going full throttle, and here’s what we know on the eve of March:

*Footings in Area A were poured this morning. Footing pours are pretty much done now until Aztec Circle Drive can be lowered below grade.

*Walls in Area C and Area B continue to be poured. Section #9 is going in this afternoon and section #12 is scheduled for tomorrow.

*Waterproofing of the foundation walls continues.

*Backfill within the foundation walls continues as well.

*Work on the northeast section of the steam tunnel is wrapping up. The lids have been placed and some of the backfill has taken place.

*Demo of the existing northeast steam tunnel is complete. Now it’s just separating the debris and hauling it off, which could be done as early as tomorrow. That means grading could begin Friday, which is the start of the process to get Aztec Circle Drive down to below grade.

*The installation of the roller guides in the northwest section of the steam tunnel should be done next week. The remaining lids will then be set and then backfill can begin after that.

*And now for the “Construction Terminology” segment. Today is brought to you by the term “shoring,” and it has nothing to do with the beach! “Shoring” is a general term used in construction to describe the process of supporting a structure in order to prevent collapse so that construction can proceed. The phrase can also be used as a noun to refer to the materials used in the process. The wood panels in the picture below shows an example of shoring, which in this case is holding up the earth so work can safely get done in the northwest steam tunnel.


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I'm a San Diego native and a proud two-time alumna of the San Diego State University School of Journalism and Media Studies. I currently work as the marketing and communications manager for the Associated Students of SDSU.
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