Concrete evidence

If you thought the recycling numbers were impressive for June-September, wait until you see them for October. Nearly 1,500 tons of material were recycled during the first four months of the project. And in October…a whopping 13,704.571 tons!! To try to put that in timely perspective, a fin whale, like the one that sadly washed ashore in Point Loma over the weekend, can weigh up to 75 tons. Thus, the equivalent of about 182 fin whales was recycled in October.

Here’s the reasoning for the crooked number:

From June-September, the recycled materials included “metals” and “miscellaneous construction debris,” as stated in the monthly recycling reports.  In October, the materials included all the concrete that was hauled to Lot W and crushed. The building was obviously made mostly out of concrete. The massive stockpile of crushed concrete in Lot W looks like this:

As a reminder, the crushed concrete will be used as backfill for Aztec Student Union.

Here is the month-by-month recycling breakdown:

Recycled Truck Loads      Disposed Truck Loads         Rec. Tonnage         Dis. Tonnage

June                   13                                          8                                 150.74                      47.89

July                    28                                         28                                384.47                     115.65

August               65                                         11                                768.46                       87.17

September         16                                         0                                 178.16                          0.0

October              14                                         0                                 13,704.571                  0.0

Total                136                                      47                               15,186.401            250.17

Overall, 30,372,802 pounds of Aztec Center materials have been recycled while 500,340 pounds has been disposed.  Thus, 98.4 percent of the building has been recycled so far. Not too bad. To quote the Lion King, it’s the circle of life. Aztec Center will be a part of Aztec Student Union and other buildings in the region.

We’re not quite done either. Workers still have to demo a small section of the south wall and stair case near the pedestrian bridge. We’ll have the final tally for you once that gets taken care of. Stay tuned…


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I'm a San Diego native and a proud two-time alumna of the San Diego State University School of Journalism and Media Studies. I currently work as the marketing and communications manager for the Associated Students of SDSU.
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